Dr. Mo Health Center is part of Dr. Mo Pediatric Health System in Brighton, Michigan since 2005. Dr. Mo served Brighton and Livingston county since 1993 while at the University of Michigan Health Center. The Center offers medical services to infants, children, adolescents and young adults with the same excellence in personalized care you have come to expect from Dr. Mo El-Fouly. 

Our Services

Sick Visits

These include scheduled and same day appointments for all common illnesses, minor injuries, infectious diseases, skin rash and lesions as well as reactivations or flare-ups of chronic conditions, for example: asthma, sinusitis and allergies.

Health Maintenance,

These include Sports Physicals and Pre-Operative Exams which tend to be comprehensive.


Available for all ages according to age-appropriate schedules.

Pediatric and Parenting Consultation
Available Prenatal Visits

In The Mind and Spirit Institute, which is an entity of Dr. Mo Health System, we offer:

  • Consultation and counseling to both patients and parents on infant, childhood and adolescent behavior concerns, school and learning problems, parent child conflict, anxiety disorders, bereavement and coping mechanisms among other issues.
  • ADD and ADHD evaluation, screening, diagnosis, management and counseling for new and established patients.
  • Counseling for gender preference and identity issues